Solidity ( EVM )


VEX EVM is a fully compatible Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that runs on the Vexanium Network. This opens up the Vexanium Network to the entire Ethereum developer community and tooling.

VEX EVM bridges the Vexanium ecosystem to the Ethereum ecosystem by allowing developers to deploy a wide array of Solidity-based smart contracts and innovative dApps on the Vexanium Network to make use of its world class performance and low gas fees. Developers can utilize Ethereum’s battle-tested open source code, tooling, libraries and SDKs while leveraging the superior performance of Vexanium to create a multichain Web3 experience.

Features of Vexanium EVM

  • Fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

  • Supports all Ethereum smart contracts and tooling

  • High throughput and low latency

  • Low transaction fees

  • Interoperability with the native layer


~.01 VEX per transaction**

What do the fees cover?

  • CPU/NET costs of transactions

  • RAM costs for EVM Contract

  • RPC Node operation costs

  • Remainder can be allocated for future Burns

** Note VEXEVM is using ethereum virtual machine so its different with Native public blockchain and you need GAS fee for do transaction , if you want free GAS fee you can use Vexanium native blockchain

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