SmartContract Development

Hello World Smartcontract

Make a basic Hello Word Smart Contract 1. Installation of binaries The command below will download the binaries for each operating system. Installing Brew Mac OS X Installing the Ubuntu 18.04 Debian Package Install VEX.CDT Perform the following steps: Sell: Add a VEXCPP compiler After you install vex.cdt install vexcpp: Vexcpp is a compiler where […]

Make Tokens, Issues and Transfer Tokens

1. Prepare the Contract source and Folder CONTRACTS_DIR (example). Pull the Source The repository already contains several Smart Contracts which later can also be used in further segments to develop vexanium contracts Open the Contracts Folder and check that there are vex.tokens contracts there 2. Create a VEX Account for the Contract Vexanium-based smart contracts, […]

ABI Files

In some previous tutorials you have used the vex.token contract using the ABI file provided. This tutorial will review how the ABI file correlates with the VEx.token contract. ABI files can be generated using the vex-cpp utility provided by vex.cdt. However, there are a number of situations that can cause ABI files to process or […]

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