Vexanium Platform and Toolchain

Vexanium Blockchain platform is built with Komponents and toolchain in the form of: CLI / Command Line Interface (CLEOS):is a Command Line Interface command line tool that allows Developers to use, test, and configure nodes as well as SmartContract VEXANIUM. NODEos: Nodeos is the core node of the VEXANIUM daemon. Plugins can be used to […]

Vexanium Blockchain Core Concept

The core concept (Core Concepts) of the Vexanium Blockchain consists of accounts (accounts), wallets (wallets), Permissions (authorization / permission) Account Account / Account is the name of the account in the Vexanium blockchain usually in the form of 12 characters and only in the form of numbers 1-5, the account (account) That can be owned […]

Technical Feature

WebAssembly C++ Compilation Eexio-based Vexanium Blockchain uses C ++ as the Smartcontract programming language. If you are a C ++ developer, you don’t need to learn a new programming language to understand the Smart Contract API and how the Vexanium Blockchain supports the development of smart contracts through C ++ classes and structures. With existing […]

What is Blockchain

Blockchain is a decentralized infrastructure software where it can run without a centralized entity that controls the blockchain infrastructure Blockchain is also a ledger-proof ledger or arrangement of data arranged in a series of “blocks” interrelated with one another in another Block Chain called Chain. These blocks are added according to a special set of […]

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