Altcoin is a collective name for other cryptocurrency as an alternative to bitcoin. All coins other than bitcoin such as Vexanium, Ethereum, EOS, Steem, Ark, and Dogecoin, and other coins are called altcoin. altcoin appears to fix the shortcomings that exist in Bitcoin.

AltCoin is different from Bitcoin in many ways. Some AltCoins have different technology models or different coin distribution methods. The coin mining algorithm in AltCoins uses different methods. Some AltCoins offer safer privacy compared to Bitcoin.

As such, most of AltCoins do not have the benefits that Bitcoin has to offer. AltCoin also has less hash power to secure crypto currencies compared to Bitcoin. By far Bitcoin is the most widely distributed and most popular crypto currency in the Republic. As a result, the Bitcoin market is very competitive and expensive for beginners and amateurs to enter the world of digital currencies.

There are thousands of different altCoins, one of the most popular altCoins in the work of the nation in 2018 is Vexanium. Vexanium is a 3rd generation blockchain that has its own cryptocurrency with the VEX symbol, Vex is a cryptocurrency resulting from hardfork from EOS, which has better technology than bitcoin, and the programming is written in the C ++ programming language which is far more familiar than some other programming languages. like solidity, python, and php. and other benefits of vexanium is that it can be Mining and does not require the latest hardware at high prices.

The advantages of Altcoin

Some Altcoins offer something that Bitcoin doesn’t have. Altcoin has many things in common than Bitcoin but not all of them are the same, some offer something more. Many Altcoins offer a much faster, more anonymous service, some provide better fundamental options. And there are also those who offer a more stable system, thereby giving more confidence to bitcoin itself.

Some Altcoin Options

1.Ethereum (ETH)

Launched in 2015, Ethereum is a decentralized software platform that allows Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications to be built and run without downtime, fraud, control or interference from third parties. This platform also forms the basis of its own virtual currency, Ether. Ethereum is not only a platform but also a programming language (Turing complete) that runs on the blockchain, helping developers to build and publish distributed applications. The potential applications of Ethereum are very broad.

2. EOS

EOS is a blockchain-based decentralized operating system, designed to support commercial-scale decentralized applications by providing all the core functions needed, enabling businesses to build blockchain applications in a manner similar to web-based applications.

3. Vexanium (VEX)

Vexanium is a blockchain public project that has its own blockchain technology and infrastructure platform, commonly referred to as “mainnet”, or which means developers or programmers can create blockchain applications, decentralize applications (Dapps), decentralize finance (Defi) with Vexanium blockchain infrastructure .

Vexanium is a 3rd generation public blockchain designed to be implemented in various types of industrial sectors to get more optimal results and get better audit trails, the vexanium blockchain supports decentralize application (Dapps), decentralize finance (DeFi) ecosystems and retail penetration and advertising targeted for mass adoption.

Vexanium focuses on solving obstacles and critical problems from previous blockchain technologies such as speed, scalability, usability, and flexibility. Parallel processing technology and asynchronous communication methodology from vexanium allow all vexanium ecosystems (blockchain applications, Dapps, Defi) to operate and transact by processing simultaneously without having to add to the burden of vexanium blockchain networks, public vexanium blockchain also allows creating applications on private blockchain, Vexanium released in 2018.