Development Scope

Prerequisites Preliminary

Development Experience The Vexanium Blockchain runs applications and user-generated code using WebAssembly (WASM). WASM is an emerging web standard with broad support from Google, Microsoft, Apple, and other leading industry companies Currently the most mature toolchain for building applications compiled into WASM is clang / llvm with its C / C ++ compiler for compatible […]

Getting started

Step 1: Installation of binaries This tutorial will use pre-built binaries. For you to get started as soon as possible this is the best choice. Building from source is a choice, but it will take you an hour or more back and you may experience development errors.The command below will download the binaries for each […]

Install VEX CDT

Versi 1.6 For your convenience, we provide the Debian installer in this version.Yep, you don’t need to compile and build, just install it. Requirements: Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit recommended 8 GB RAM then install: sudo apt install ./vex.cdt.amd64.deb VEX installation process. CDT. AMD64. deb [version: 1.6.1] only takes about 2 minutes, much faster than manually […]

Make a Development Wallet

Hello, before you start, you are required to read the previous article about the core concept of Vexanium between accounts and wallet folders here, so there is no confusion> Account Account / Account is the name of the account in the Vexanium blockchain usually in the form of 12 characters and only in letters […]

Run a Blockchain Node

Step 1: Start the Vexanium node Start the node now: / Login with root with the nodeos command Shell This arrangement will achieve the following: Run Nodeos. This command contains all the basic plugins, set the server address, activate CORS and add some debugging and logging contracts. Enable CORS without restrictions (*) and logging development […]

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