Decentralized Applications (DApps)

Dapps or Decentralized applications or in Indonesian are called “decentralized applications,” the same as other computer applications unless the code is written in the smart contract. This means that all data and logic for running live applications are stored on the blockchain, not on a centralized server like most applications. Therefore, no one really “owns” the application or data after it’s installed on the blockchain, so it’s not like other applications that download from the internet or buy from the app store.

besides that Dapp is an application used by users to interact with the blockchain. Dapp is an application that is peer to peer, does not have a middleman/intermediary so that between users can conduct peer to peer (P2P) transactions directly between them.

What distinguishes dApps from regular applications is that they are without permission (anyone can run it) and the code can be permanent (they will be there as long as the blockchain exists). Because they are without permission, anyone can interact with the Smart contract without going through a centralized server. And because they are permanent, users (and other applications) will know that they will exist in the future. This means that each dApp is like a Lego brick, which opens a whole new world of application possibilities.