What is Airdrop?

Airdrop is a term or term that is quite popular in the crypto and blockchain industries

Especially in a project blockchain related to cryptocurrency the term “airdrop” is known
The term Airdrop refers to the distribution of all tokens or digital assets to the general public or public
The process of distributing tokens or aidrop is usually distributed to the blockchain account address or wallet address on the vexanium blockchain

The Airdrop process is slightly different from the allocation of tokens or coins in the project. In the case of the airdrop concept, no purchases are needed from the recipient, which means that Digital assets or tokens are distributed free of charge.

Airdrop generally consists of 2 types:

Automatic Airdrop

This type of airdrop is the result of Fork on the Blockchain. For example, Hardfork Bitcoin creates divisions in the network that cause Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to arise. So who also has Bitcoin on the Blockchain, wants to receive Bitcoin Cash automatically in their wallet. However, this matter does not then make the number of Bitcoins possessed doubled. Universally, the number of crypto will be adjusted so that the value does not change from the time before Hardfork was established.

Incentive Airdrop

Airdrop is used as a marketing strategy to attract potential investors. This method is considered good for promoting new Blockchain projects. Many industries offer several free crypto coins when users spread their products around the world.

This airdrop is often used as a marketing tool to increase the popularity of coins or tokens that are being distributed, as well as the method of diversifying the number of asset holders.

The way airdrop varies usually works is that in order to be eligible, the user must hold a certain number of assets in a public wallet at the time the snapshot is taken as a display of the current conditions of the current blockchain. certain point in time, there are also those who can get airdrop without doing various activities

Airdrops, also sometimes considered by some as a kind of dividend payment obtained by holding digital assets, insofar as it is an additional premium paid to token holders on a pro-rata basis.